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"I loved the cattle work and the brandings. Thanks for sharing it with me. Can I really be a cowgirl at heart?"
Marianne from Canada

"Waiting five years for my third visit was definitely worth it."
Tabea from Germany

"Lost luggage, ripped jeans, sunburn, aching muscles, dust, dirt ... and I loved it all !!! Until next time !"
Katherine from Great Britain

"If we could, we would stay longer. It will be an unforgettable memory. Thanks for three beautiful weeks. There were people from all over the world but it felt like one family."
Martina and Joerg from Germany

"Riding at home will never be the same. What we learnt: Don't pee on the electric fence. Beware of the man holding the hot branding iron. Buffalo don't cooperate. Patience is a virtue when dealing with cows."
Brianne and Mike from the US

"Thanks, Mike, for taking care of us and making us cowboys!"
Dajanah and Felix from Switzerland

"What a fantastic experience ... wonderful horses, beautiful scenery, moving cattle and buffalos, building fence, bottle feeding goat kids and calves and meeting great people. I will take home with me wonderful memories, dirty jeans and Wyoming mud on my boots."
Jo from Great Britain

"If I could, I would stay forever ... you will always be in my heart."
Antje from Germany

"Nick and Doerte, you have found quite a beautiful spot on earth. Brandy, keep up your wonderful charm. Mike, thanks for your impressive voice ... we never got lost. Oh God, how we love this place!"
Andrea and Jutta from Germany

"These two weeks touched my soul. I lost a piece of my heart and I have to come back."
Claudia from Germany

"We had so much fun with your cowboy ... he always made us feel safe. We enjoyed our adventures from dancing in Deadwood to swimming in the lake and even getting stuck in the mud on horseback."
Iris and Kirsten from Germany

"Thanks for making us feel so at home. Each day was an adventure. Brandy's cooking and singing was great. And Mike made us become cowboys. Hope to come back next year!"
Simone, Joana, Joshua, Karin, Reinhold, Fabia and Doro from Germany

"We really enjoyed being part of your life for a while."
Silvio, Lydia and Nino from Switzerland

" A vacation we will remember for years ... we even made hay."
Yvonne and Ingo from Germany

"Thanks for those long rides across the beautiful landscape of Wyoming ... and learning how to play pool and poker!"
Andreas and Lisa from Germany

"We truly enjoyed every minute on the ranch from fishing, chores, mule rides , shooting and best of all the food!"
Gwynne and Larry from the US

"We have never met such kind and friendly folks as yourselves. I am sure we'll be back."
Kelly and Bob from the US

"I won't say anything about Mike (he is spoilt enough already) but he is the perfect cowboy to teach city girls like me."
Kate from Great Britain

Thanks Brandy for the great meals and the lessons in roping, thanks Mike for trusting us with 300 head of cattle, thanks Nick and Doerte for making this adventure possible."
Maike and Gilbert from Germany

"We had a ball .. it will be difficult to explain to the folks back home what fun, excitement ... we had. A memory of a lifetime."
Maria, Maureen and Jeannie from the US

"2006 at the New Haven Ranch was a life changing experience, 2009 was even better."
Christopher from the US

"A special thanks to Mike, the best wrangler and cowboy, we've ever met. It's hard to leave such a great place."
Marlen and Willy from Switzerland

"We were so amazed about the beautiful area, the friendly people and the pretty horses. We will sure come back."
Brigitte and Peter from Germany

"We came to Wyoming to find our dreams ... and we found more than we could ever dream of."
Angelika and Thomas from Germany

"Take care of this paradise ... so I can find it again."
Simone from Germany


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