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Cody did not trust people. He would have needed one person to deal with and lost of good experience. But on a guest ranch with changing riders this is not possible. We sold him at the end of 2010 ... with a heavy heart.


When Whiplash (here with Nick) could finally be ridden by guests, the first age-related soundness problems appeared. He could not do the hard work in our difficult terrain anymore. A family bought him as a pleasure horse for their daughter.

Nellie und Spirit  

We sold pony mare Nellie and her stud colt Spirit. Nellie was small but that did not automatically make her a safe mount for Emmett who now rides Bo. Nellie und Spirit have found a new home with a family with older kids.

Junior und Cinderella Junior (here with goat baby Cinderella) was not just a real buffalo, he also was a bull ... he did not abide by the rules. When he started to jump fences and poke his horns into horses, the party was over. We shot and butchered him ... and still eat buffalo steak. To be honest: I cried for him as well.
Red Our longhorn cow Red was already here when I came onto the ranch close to ten years ago. Last winter she was bred by buffalo Junior. The calf just did not get born. When we finally pulled it, Red was so weak that she could not get up anymore. We had to shoot her. A few days later her beefalo calf Lucky Dan which Nick had done mouth-to-mouth to after the birth died as well. A sad ending for such an impressive cow! Lucky Dan
Abby Abby, JoAnn's small Pug-Pomeranian mix, died after Christmas. Jaimie, one of Brandy's and Brandon's big pyrenee dogs, had bitten her ... no one knows why. JoAnn had gotten Abby years ago from the animal shelter. Even though not the typical ranch dog, Abby felt and behaved like one ... the only ones impressed by her were the sheep ... and their brain volume is pretty limited.

P.S. Jaimie was killed by a mountain lion when she tried to protect "her" herd of goats.


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