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"Thanks so much for such a great time!"
Donal and Ruth from Ireland

"Lonestar became a cow horse."
Dale from the US about his gaited horse which he brought along

"(Almost) better than sex!"
Alexandra and Martin from Switzerland

"This week let our cowboy dreams come true!"
Peter and Melanie from Germany

"More is not possible ... even better than last year!"
Maike and Gilbert from Germany

"Branding with the neighbors, moving cows ... the wide open space and the cowboy lifestyle ... we had an amazing time again."
Claudia and Jutta from Germany

"I will be back."
Ellen from Germany

"New Haven is not a wellness farm ... I feel every muscle in my body ... never thought I had so many ... brandings, wrestling calves, moving horses, cattle drive in South Dakota, dancing in Deadwood, rodeo in Hulett ... so much fun!"
Tine from Germany

"I love Grover ... he was so nice and safe!"
Sabine from Germany

"Sky above, mud below ... we will keep you in our hearts!"
Barbara, Katha and Kerstin from Germany

"Unbelievable, unforgettable, uncomparable, undescribable, unbeatable!"
Dagmar, Stefan and Sandra from Germany 

"We will miss you."
Christine and Lena from Germany

"Thanks to Ginger ... I love that horse!"
Norm from the US

"We were here last year and we will come back next year ... 12 long months without Tucker."
Andy and Lisa from Germany

"Incredible adventures: roping, chasing cattle, fencing, riding the ATV ... see you soon!"
Kathleen from Germany

"Three days are too short."
Silke, Horst and Sven from Germany

"Thanks to Nick and the donkey for the roping lessons, thanks to Doerte for the hoof care instruction, thanks to Anthony for the obstacle race, thanks to Jo for helping with the goats, thanks for Brandy and Andy for the great food, thanks to the horses ... but no thanks to the cows ... they were too stubborn."
Manon and Alix from France

"For now I am taking home the dirty pants, smelly shirts, bruises and loads of memories!"
Christin from Germany

"The time I spent here was very important to me."
Caroline from Germany

"Sweat, dust, hail, heat, a wonderful landscape and last but not least your great hospitality made this vacation a very special one."
Andy and Michaela from Germany

" ..." (This entry was in German and is untranslatable ... but I think they left with a smile on their faces.)
Sabine, Gisela and Silke from Germany

"...cool beer!"
Hannes and Heini from Switzerland

Claudia and Klaus from Germany

"Hope we see you again next year."
Georgia and Doris from the US

"Real cowboys at work ... with guns."
Brigitte and Peter from Switzerland

"Thanks to the hot tub ... we won't forget this vacation!"
Birgit, Petra and Britta from Germany

"Cool horses!"
Andrea and Roman from Austria

"Now we can rope and shoot as well."
Vanessa and Yvonne from Germany

"Had a nice time again seeing you and the rest of the 'extended' family."
Christopher from the US

"Thanks for Nick and Doerte for sharing this with us. We will come back."
Linda and Sarah from Switzerland

"I came as a novice ... and I am leaving confident and more relaxed than I have been in a long time ... thanks to experiencing another world and way of life. I already miss you terribly ..."
Diane from the US

"Time went by too fast."
Silvia and Dominik from Switzerland

"I have never ridden as much in my life as in the week at your place."
Heidi from Germany

"I will come back."
Carlotta from Germany

"Thanks for the beautiful weather in October, for finding cattle, losing cattle, finding it again ... and for making me buy chinks!"
Petra and Anne from Germany (Anne did not buy chinks ;-)


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